EMEA and APAC Updates

EMEA and APAC Updates

Worldwide ERC® recently provide the following global updates for the EMEA and APAC regions:


Latest Immigration Figures Show Extent of EU Workers Leaving UK: The recent UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) report shows that most leavers from the UK in 2016 – 36 percent - were EU citizens, with 117,000 emigrating; an increase of 31,000 on 2015. With so many EU workers departing the country, UK employers are facing such challenges as access to a reduced pool of workers, increased immigration fees relating to those EU workers who do remain, and the removal of free movement of labor and the cost of choosing to access labor from outside the EU. Find out more about EU workers departing from the UK.

UAE Leads in Developing and Retaining Workforce Talent: A report from Insead Business School that was released May 28 places the UAE in the top 20 of 118 countries, and first in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) for enabling, developing and retaining talent. Read about the UAE as a talent leader.


Indians Worst Hit as Australia Abolishes Popular Work Visa: On April 18, Australia abolished the popular 457 work visa it granted to 95,000 foreign workers every year. Indian workers, who historically used about 25,000 of the visas, have been affected by the recent changes in Australia's visa policy. Learn more about Indian workers and the Australian visa.

Japan Needs More Workers and It Can't Find Them: Data released by the Japanese government this week showed that the country's labor shortage has reached its most extreme level in more than 40 years, and indicated that Japan now has 1.48 jobs for every applicant. Japan is averse to the idea of using immigration to offset need for more workers. Read about Japan's increasing need for workers.

This is What Expats Working in Australia Like, and Dislike, About This Country: A study by foreign exchange fintech World First finds that expatriates have a better work-life balance in Australia compared to their home countries. But it's not all rosy! Nearly 70 percent say Australia was a more expensive country to live in. Find out more about what expats in Australia like best and least.