Port Delays in Germany

Port Delays in Germany

NuCompass has been advised by our household goods providers that all ports in Germany are currently experiencing severe congestion. This can affect international relocation shipments because delays are impacting every aspect of the transportation supply chain. This includes unloading steamship lines, timely customs clearance, and delays in final delivery.

What is the impact to international relocation?

·         Delays – International assignees may experience longer than expected wait times for their household goods shipment to clear customs and be delivered

·         Temporary Housing –  Corporate clients may need to consider allowing additional time in temporary housing for the assignee, as a result of the delay in household goods delivery

·         Furniture Rental – Clients may wish to consider furniture rental options in the interim, as an alternative to extended temporary living.

·         Costs – When household goods shipments are delayed, additional costs may be incurred for port storage, demurrage, or other charges

What is causing the Delays?

Congestion is the primary cause reported for delays in container movement at Europe’s largest ports. The congestion has been partially caused by recent storms, capacity shortages, and container ships being diverted from other ports.

Congestion is expected to continue for several weeks and may severely impact intermodal shipments. A committee of port and barge operators, shippers, and freight forwarders has been formed to address the congestion issue, but it is likely that any concrete actions will take weeks to implement.

Ongoing Monitoring

Clients and their international assignees should prepare for potential delays, as well as additional charges which may be incurred due to these delays.

NuCompass will monitor the situation and provide updates as necessary. We review our Destination/Departure reports daily to identify specific individuals  that may be impacted and work to address any issues on a case-by-case basis. Please feel free to contact us for more information.