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Do You Know Where Your Global Assignees Are?

A few decades ago, there were public service announcements on television that aired each night with a simple message: “It’s 10PM - do you know where your children are?” The message was provided as a reminder that parents should be aware of the location of their children with the idea that late at night, they should be safe at home. There is an application in that message for employers – particularly as concepts such as “Duty of Care” for employees is becoming a topic to consider and political environments around the globe are rapidly changing.

H-1B Processing Update

Please see this information from our immigration partner, Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP, regarding expected H-1B processing delays in the coming months.

Hurricane Irma Preparation and Relocation Impact

As we continue to work through challenges presented by Hurricane Harvey in TX, it is now clear that Hurricane Irma is headed for Florida and possibly up the East Coast of the United States. In preparation, we have begun reviewing activity on relocating employees and home sale properties in the potential path of the storm.

Trump Ends DACA - What Employers Should Know

As has been discussed and anticipated, the Trump administration recently announced their intent to discontinue DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). The key points of the "wind down" strategy are detailed in the update below, provided by Berry Appelman & Leiden. BAL states that employers may be unaware that some employees will be affected, and provides an FAQ document with more information for employers. These changes may also affect employees who are being relocated by their employer, especially international assignees.

Hurricane Harvey Relocation Update

With the unprecedented events in Houston having an effect on many NuCompass clients and their employees, we invoked our teams at the beginning of the storm to be prepared in the aftermath for the needs of relocating employees.

This event can affect relocating employees in all stages of relocation, from those in the process of leaving the Houston area to those who had planned to relocate into Houston. In addition, homes that were in NuCompass’ unsold inventory or BVO sales that were scheduled to close in the near term will likely be impacted.

Alphabet Soup: Relocation Acronym Glossary

Do you know the difference between a BVO and an AVS? What is the APR on an ARM? Do you have your CRP or GMS? If you’re new to the relocation industry or focused on one specialty area, all these acronyms may seem like alphabet soup to you. Every industry has buzzwords and acronyms—and the relocation industry is no exception. So, while the following list of acronyms certainly isn’t all-inclusive, it can help you start “talking the talk” in the relocation industry.

USCIS Reinstates Interviews for Green-Card Applicants

​​​The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has announced a change in immigration requirements, which will likely result in delays in green card processing. In October, USCIS will require all Form I-485 applicants to be interviewed prior to approval of their application and green cards being issued.

Port Delays in Germany

NuCompass has been advised by our household goods providers that all ports in Germany are currently experiencing severe congestion. This can affect international relocation shipments because delays are impacting every aspect of the transportation supply chain. This includes unloading steamship lines, timely customs clearance, and delays in final delivery.

What is the impact to international relocation?

Hurricane Harvey's Potential Impact on Relocation

Hurricane Harvey is expected to hit the Texas and Louisiana coast beginning late on Friday, August 25, 2017, and it may impact relocation activities in the area. 

Change of Policy for Advance Parole Travel Documents

We have received an update from one of our immigration providers, Pearl Law Group, regarding a change in practices by USCIS. This change is in regards to denials of I-131 Advance Parole applications, when an applicant has traveled outside the US while the application is pending. There is not a published change in regulation or a new policy; it appears to be a change in enforcement by USCIS, which the USCIS holds is consistent with the existing policy.