Relocation Resources

We’ve amassed a library of resources to keep you in the know about the opportunities and challenges of relocating employees. Whether you’re new to relocation or want the latest in technology information, you’ll find it here.

Six Ways to Maximize Relocation Success
How to Choose the Right Relocation Partner
Global Design and Manufacturing Company Relocation Case Study
Seven Steps to Effectively Work with a Relocation Provider
Navigating the New Relocation Landscape
Why NuCompass?
A New Paradigm for Relocation?
Turn Your Relocation Policy Into a Plan
CoPilot™ Overview
CoPilot™ Introduction
Budgeting for Relocation Costs: The Missing Link to Controlling Relocation Costs
CoPilot: The Revolutionary Way to Relocate Employees
Top 3 Risks for Global Compliance
The Next Level of Cost Control
RFP Guidelines for Relocation Management and Global Mobility Services
A Value-based Global Mobility Program
What’s the Value of a Global Footprint?
Sample RFP Questions
Four Ideas to Help You Step Up Your Relocation Program — Regardless of Your Company’s Size
Four Ways to Improve the Candidate Relocation Experience